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Fri, 24 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Twin toddlers centimetres from deadly snake: Can you spot it?

Twin toddlers centimetres from deadly snake: Can you spot it?

An Australian mum has accidentally captured on camera the scary moment her twin toddlers were centimetres from life-threatening danger.

Victorian mum Stacee Carter and her partner Jack took their 16-month-old daughters on a bushwalk in the Kings Billabong Park, when they unknowingly came across a suspected brown snake.

Although her daughters were unharmed, Stacee discovered how close a snake had come to her little girls without her even realising at the time.

The mother posted the photo on Facebook as a warning to other parents to be watchful as the warm weather approaches. Can you spot the snake?

The brown snake is considered the world’s second-most venomous land snake and is responsible for 60 per cent of snakebite deaths in Australia.

“Makes me sick to my stomach, we are so thankful and blessed our babies are safe and home with us,” Stacee wrote on Facebook.

“We had a guardian angel or two looking after them today.”

The brown snake was close behind the second daughter, on the left of the photo.

The mum said the incident won’t deter the family from going on a bushwalk but has taught them to be more careful.

“Obviously, you think about what could have happened and your mind plays a few scenarios, we just have to be more careful next time, hot or not,” she told

“It's that season again and contrary to what people think they are often curious of noise and will go and check it out. Looks like this guy was on a mission, so glad you were all ok,” one woman commented on the photo.