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Courtney Allan

Tourism Australia left red-faced after embarrassing blunder

Tourism Australia left red-faced after embarrassing blunder

With Perth being located in Western Australia,  the sun sets on the west side, which is interesting for those who live on the east coast.

However, Tourism Australia has been forced to re-do an advertisement for its UnDiscovered Australia campaign after an error was noticed on the first version.

The original image shows a couple sitting on a hill in Kings Park, WA. However, the sun in the image appears to be setting in the east instead of the west. The photo was featured with a caption saying: “Catch the sunset here”.

Source: The West

Although the blunder has been quickly corrected, the Tourism Minister for WA is not impressed.

Paul Papalia said that the behaviour is typical, as most tourism is focused on the east coast of Australia.

“The east coast has experienced a tourism boom, which is understandable given the profile and attention Sydney and its neighbouring cities receive when the Federal Government markets our country to the world,” Mr Papalia said to The West.

“WA does not benefit in the slightest from those east coast-centric marketing campaigns. Now is the time to invest in tourism in our great State.”

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