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This island off an island is Australia’s best kept secret

This island off an island is Australia’s best kept secret

This island is one of the more exclusive islands within Australia, as it’s hidden just off the south coast of Tasmania.

Here lies Satellite Island, which is a little further north from Bruny Island.

There’s not a lot on the 34-hectare island apart from a luxury summer house on the hill, a boathouse on the jetty and some deer.

However, Satellite Island has gained a cult following from travellers across the world due to the exclusivity of the small island.

The private island’s owners only rent out accommodation to those who book the entire island.

It costs two guests $1950 per night to stay on the island with each additional guest paying $300 a night.

However, once you pay that price, you’re treated with private access to the whole island. If things go wrong, there’s a caretaker keeping a low profile nearby if those on the island need anything.

Guests can stay in the three bedroom summer house or the boathouse where they can sea-gaze from bed. There’s also a fully kitted out glamping tent that overlooks the cliff as another sleeping option.

The pantry is fully stocked and there’s an organic herb and vegetable garden and orchard. There are also chickens that provide those just-laid eggs for breakfast.

If you get tired of fresh eggs, sea urchins, abalone and mussels are able to be picked straight from the water.

There is also a range of entertainment options on board, including kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, fishing gear and yoga mats.

It’s also the perfect spot for stargazing.

As the island was a makeshift observatory for French explorer Bruni D’Entrecasteaux, you’ll soon find out why the explorer was so keen to see the stars at night.

The island was formerly a getaway for writer and painter Ian Alstergren, who used it as a private retreat. The new owners, who are relatives of Alstergren, have turned it into a hideaway for guests six years ago.