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Tue, 6 Nov, 2018Basmah Qazi

Stay indoors: Severe weather warning issued

Stay indoors: Severe weather warning issued

Health authorities have issued a warning for asthma sufferers as a storm that is set to sweep NSW could cause serious breathing problems.

According to Richard Broome from NSW Health, the increased amount of pollen in the atmosphere could aggravate asthma and respiratory conditions as the storms arrive.

“Thunderstorms cause pollen grains to explode and release fine particles, which can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, causing even more people to wheeze and sneeze,” said Dr Broome in a statement.

After 3600 people were admitted to hospital in Melbourne due to breathing problems after stormy conditions in 2016, the warning has been issued in the hopes that those who suffer from breathing problems stay on high alert.

“Anyone with diagnosed asthma should carry their asthma medication with them at all times during this high-risk period,” said Dr Broome. 

If you or anyone you know suffers from asthma, please stay indoors during this severe weather.