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Shock as Pauline Hanson calls for Australian borders to be closed

Shock as Pauline Hanson calls for Australian borders to be closed

Controversial One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has made her thoughts about the coronavirus known and has doubled down on her idea for Australia’s borders to be closed.

“We cannot be too cautious when dealing with such a contagious disease that’s killed far too many people across the globe already,” she wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

“If we reopen our borders to China ahead a vaccine being discovered, we will only cripple our own domestic tourism based on a sense of fear.”

KEEP CORONAVIRUS OUT OF AUSTRALIA I will always put the safety of Australians ahead of tourists and strongly support an...

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Her post was quickly inundated with support.

“Yep, close it down. Safety before money. Unfortunately too many countries, like Australia, have relied too heavily on the Chinese economy, instead of protecting their own economies,” one person commented.

“Something fundamentally wrong with a nations management when its wellbeing is so heavily reliant on the trade of one other country,” another agreed.

However, not all commenters were agreeing with the idea of closing Australia’s borders.

“Closing borders temporarily could help but it isn't a permanent solution,” one person explained.

Senator Hanson’s latest idea about the coronavirus comes after her inflammatory comments about Aboriginal people, where she said children who get raped should be taken away from their communities.

Pauline Hanson defends her Closing the Gap speech CLOSING THE GAP - IT'S A SPEECH SOME TOOK OFFENCE TO Last night on Paul Murray Live, Labor couldn't help themselves but to have a go at my closing the gap speech. #Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #CloseTheGap #Australia

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

“The biggest problem facing Australian and Aboriginal Australians today is their own lack of commitment and responsibility to helping themselves,” Ms Hanson told parliament on Wednesday.

Labor frontbencher Jenny McAllister said that Hanson’s speech was not okay.

Her racist comments – and they are racist – have no place in this chamber,” she told the upper house.

Greens Senate leader Larissa Waters also apologised to anyone who was listening to the comments made by Hanson.

“It’s the racism that we’ve come to expect from her and her party,” she said. “They don’t reflect the sentiment of this chamber or (the) vast majority of Australians.”