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People are amazed by this “hummingbird” flower

People are amazed by this “hummingbird” flower

An Australian plant has shocked people due to the uncanny resemblance of a hummingbird.

It has Aussies surprised as the plant appears to have a beak, wings and tail, but the hummingbird is not native to Australia.

Many debated whether or not the plant mimicked the hummingbird via evolution.

“How is this even possible?” one said.

“Looks like something out of the movie, Annihilation,” another claimed.

A different person questioned if it was just a “freakish coincidence”.

The plant is known as a green birdflower.

However, University of Melbourne evolutionary ecologist Dr Michael Whitehead told Yahoo News Australia that the plant only looks like a hummingbird to humans.

“There’s no real compelling reason why we should expect them to evolve to appear like birds,” he said.

“It’s very unlikely anything not human would actually see them as a bird.

“It’s easy for humans to see patterns and resemblance.”

Dr Whitehead said that the plants suffered from being torn up due to small animals like mice biting through the flowers and feeding on the nectar, but this doesn’t contribute to the shape.