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Nature lover’s dream: Australia’s best island getaway

Nature lover’s dream: Australia’s best island getaway

Measuring just 8km long by 5km wide, only 1,000km off the shores of Australia lies a land that couldn’t be anymore different from home.

Nestled comfortably between Australia and New Zealand rests the picture-perfect destination for a trip you will never forget: Norfolk Island.

Whether it’s a paradise untouched or a world of nature you have never quite experienced before that you’re searching for, Norfolk Island might just be the journey you’ve been waiting for.

Preparing for your relaxing and stress-free holiday does not have to be difficult. If you’re unsure where to start in terms of organising a trip to Norfolk Island, there are plenty of personalised experiences that can be tailored to suit you with specialists like Spacifica Travel.

A retreat for everybody

The small island houses a rich and gripping history, first discovered in October 1774 by Captain James Cook – a paradise he found on his second tour around the world. Filled with vibrancy, and lush towering pines and rolling hills, Norfolk Island promises a colourful story to feast your eyes and ears on whilst on guided tours.

Whether its swimming with the ocean life, exploring what the pristine ocean of Norfolk Island looks like underwater or walking through the incredible maintained terrain, there is an itinerary to provide you with the ultimate experience.

If you’re a nature lover, find solace in knowing this little slice of paradise offers striking views from every angle. Smell the crisp, ocean air while exploring the subtropical rainforest made up of native plants and enchanting wild life.

Norfolk Island evolved in isolation for over three million years and since then experts have maintained its beauty by strict custom laws designed to guard the expansive native ecosystem.

There are no snakes inhabiting the island, nor are their fruit flies, sand flies or centipedes.

The flora and fauna are distinctive with unique plant species as well as it’s more famous sapling – the Norfolk pine.

The unique location hosts plenty to offer for those willing to explore, from deceptively clear water to museums representing the rich and dark history surrounding Norfolk.

The beaches are unforgettable

There is nothing quite like the beauty of Norfolk Island beaches. With a coastline that goes on for miles, you’ll be able to wander down the open landscapes and get lost in the beauty of it all.

Emily Bay is a local favourite, known for its ease of access and its serene waters for a calming swim, as a reef protects the beach from harsh waters.

If an everchanging landscape is what you’re longing for, then a snorkelling trip from Emily to Slaughter Bay, along the reef and lagoon might suit you.

The stunning bank that stretches from Kingston pier to the eastern edge of Emily Bay is the world’s second most southern coral reef filled with the abundance of vibrancy.

With crystal clear waters and over 60 types of coral living beneath the surface, there is a world of animated colour and life waiting to be seen.

A stone’s throw away from home

This island paradise, where you can put your feet up and relax, is just a jump, skip and a hop away from the hustle and bustle of everyday – and, even better, you don’t need a passport to get there.

Defined by pine trees, jagged cliffs and golden sand, Norfolk Island is unchartered territory that’s ready for you and your family to explore. Hosting the best of both worlds, it is an unforgettable oasis that makes you never want to leave as well as the comfort in knowing you’re not too far from home.

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