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It's not over yet: Seven more days of intense weather

It's not over yet: Seven more days of intense weather

With Queensland currently on high alert due to bushfires and sweltering heat, NSW, Victoria and SA are looking at a brighter week ahead as experts predict warm, beachy weather to hit the three states.

Speaking to, Sky News Weather Meteorologist Tristan Meyers has said that much of the south eastern Australia region can expect tops of 30C.

But while it may seem like good news, especially after the wild storms and extreme weather, northern Victoria and most of South Australia will be issued severe fire warnings.

And with those living in Queensland currently facing terrifying bushfires, the news of a heatwave is not considered a good thing.

The Bureau of Meteorology tweeted: “Severe to extreme heatwave conditions” are expected throughout the next week in north east Queensland and is predicted to move into the central and north western areas on Friday.

“Max & min temperatures are expected to be well above average, exacerbating fire weather conditions,” the tweet continued.

Firefighters have evacuated thousands of residents as bushfires threatened to destroy their homes. The state is facing a crisis with close to 140 wildfires trying to be contained.

Katarina Carroll, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner, said that the conditions the rescue team are currently facing are “unimaginable”.

“(But) due to all proactive work conducted over the last several days, we have lost a minimal amount of houses, thankfully,” she told reporters.

The number of houses destroyed stands at two, with 15 sheds and two cabins also burnt to the ground. The bushfire, which started on Saturday, has also damaged 14 homes.

“This number could have easily been greater,” she said.