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“It’s a federal crime”: Tourists slammed after luring crocodile with fish

“It’s a federal crime”: Tourists slammed after luring crocodile with fish

Two tourists who have been documenting their adventures through the Northern Territory have been slammed after posting a video of a crocodile sneaking onto a ramp to capture a fish that’s on the end of a fisherman’s line.

The massive croc was caught on camera at Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park.

The couple are claiming that the video has been shared as a reminder of what crocodiles are capable of.

“Croc sure wanted that Barra! Remember to be croc wise in croc country peeps,” their post read.

The footage has been shared on social media, but not everyone is convinced that it’s a near miss like depicted.

The NT Crocodile Conservation and Protection Society are sceptical that the fish was “stolen” by the animal and have argued that it was set up by tourists.

“[They] definitely did not try to stop the croc taking it. [They] literally got the croc on the ramp and left the fish sitting there for him! Oh and now the croc has a lure in his stomach.”

“It is a federal crime to interfere with, or feed crocs. What’s worse is ... [they] are teaching the croc if he comes up on the ramp as a fish is caught the fishermen will let him have it!.”

Others were concerned about the crocodile ingesting the metal hook in the fish.

“Cahill Crossing is a known spot for big crocs... fishing for adrenaline junkies only! A fisherman was decapitated by a croc while fishing here,” one person wrote.

“The hook is still in the fish, poor croc,” another said.

“How ridiculous fishing so close to the crocs territory they can move a lot quicker than us,” a third person wrote.