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"How confusing": Tricky road rules quiz leaves people infuriated

"How confusing": Tricky road rules quiz leaves people infuriated

A photo posted by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) on Facebook has sent followers into a spin about who is right and wrong.

The image outlines a scenario with stop signs and give way signs and asks the question: In what order should the cars enter the intersection?

The post generated over 1,000 comments with users commenting the way they thought the cars were supposed to exit the intersection.

Some users weren’t impressed to find out that the road rules had changed.

“I was told about ten or so years ago that stop is stop and give way was give way to all traffic. Does this no longer stand as when I first learnt to drive, it was a stop was the stronger of the two?” one user asked.

RACQ replied back, explaining that a stop sign isn’t a higher priority than a give way sign, it simply means that you have to come to a complete stop before you give way.

Another user mentioned that the black car was on the wrong side of the road.

“The black one needs to get a ticket for driving on the WRONG side of the road!”

RACQ had an answer for that one too. They replied:

“The black car is on a one way street!”

The answer to the question is as follows:

“Black, Blue, Yellow, Red. Black goes first because the vehicle is not facing any give way/stop sign or line. The other vehicles are facing give way/stop signs so they must give way to the right, so red must give way to yellow, and yellow must give way to blue.”

Many were impressed that they got the answer right, especially as other comments said that they had to hand in their driver's licence for being wrong.

Did you work out the correct answer? Let us know in the comments.