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Hilarious Aussie sign shaming litterbugs goes viral

Hilarious Aussie sign shaming litterbugs goes viral

Granville Harbour Community Coast Care in Tasmania has taken the internet by storm after sharing its hilarious new sign that was put up within the area, in an effort to reduce the number of people dumping their rubbish on the ground.

The sign poses the question “Why are you littering?” and provides hilarious multiple-choice options that allude to the characteristics of someone who leaves their rubbish behind.

The tongue-in-cheek options suggest the person dumping their rubbish is a “jerk”, highlights their disrespect for “natural areas” and suggests their “mummy still cleans up” for them – as well as an “all of the above option”.

The sign has started hilarious discussions on social media form Reddit with various viewers providing their input into the growing rubbish-dumping epidemic.

“We need to change cultural attitudes regarding littering, Japan doesn't have a littering problem,” one commenter suggested. “We also need to stop the crap being produced in the first place or make biodegradable packaging mandatory.”

Many social media users shared their own personal experiences and disgust with coming across litter within a natural public space.

A user shared, “I was sitting at a popular chair yesterday in front of a water view. I picked up 216 cigarette butts. Went back today to find another 8 new ones. A sign like this is needed.”

Many people praised the sign and the eye-catching, funny way it has been presented to encourage people to take a second to think about their environmentally harmful actions.

“Awesome sign,” one person wrote.

While another exclaimed, “WOW these signs should be rolled out across the country.”

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