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Thu, 10 Jan, 2019Basmah Qazi

Heatwave set to scorch 5 capital cities across Australia

Heatwave set to scorch 5 capital cities across Australia

Despite the gloomy weather across the country, Australia is set to be hit with an intense heatwave across a number of major cities.

The last few days have been relatively blissful but don’t get too comfortable, as the summer heat is set to arrive – right as the Australian Open commences in Melbourne on January 19.

The next few days will see Adelaide’s temperature soar into the 40s, with Melbourne following suit. A few towns across the two states can expect a week of 40C weather as a “very hot start to the week” approaches.

The weather has been through highs and lows this summer, with some days reaching 40C only to go back down to much cooler temperatures.

But Queensland can expect a wet week ahead, as the tropical low – formerly known as Penny – will drench the Sunshine State as it travels towards Darwin. Some areas were hit with over 400mm of rain in 24 hours.

Speaking to, senior meteorologist from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Tom Delamotte, said that the heat was well and truly on its way as rising temperatures are expected for much of central and southern Australia. The cities that will be affected include Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra from Tuesday onwards.

Victoria and Tasmania should prepare for a “severe” heatwave early next week.

“North-westerly winds are developing across the state ahead of a trough moving from South Australia, which will start to drag very warm air sitting over inland Australia into Victoria,” said Mr Delamotte.

“There will be no wind across the state to flush out the hot air so it will just continue to build. It does look like a very hot start to next week.”

Adelaide can expect the weather to reach 30C on Thursday before soaring to 39C on Friday. The weekend will remain in the mid-30s but then shoot back up to 39C on Monday, 41C on Tuesday and 43C on Wednesday.

Melbourne will deal with grey skies on Thursday as it reaches tops of 22C but then the heat will slowly start to pick up from Friday as experts predict a 33C day. The highest temperature is expected for Monday as the forecast is currently 37C.