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Grab your winter woolies: The coldest and wettest day of the year is here

Grab your winter woolies: The coldest and wettest day of the year is here

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned that temperatures are looking to drop by up to 10 degrees as a cold front makes its way over the country.

The weather system is bringing cold as well as windy conditions from the Southern Ocean, with Melbourne set to face its coldest and wettest day of the year.

Some suburbs in Melbourne are going to get up to 30mm of rain.

The bureau issued a road weather alert for reduced visibility in Melbourne.

“Heavy rain will make road conditions dangerous during Friday in the inner, western, northern, eastern and southeastern suburbs,” the weather service said.

Melbourne isn’t the only one to feel the chill, as New South Wales is looking to be hit, especially in the west.

The west is set to see the first significant cold front of the season, which will be unusual due to an unseasonably warm winter.

Snow showers are also expected in the Southern Tablelands and alpine areas. The temperature in Thredbo dove down to -17.4 degrees overnight due to the cold snap.

The temperature also dropped to 11.6 degrees in Sydney and an icy 6.5 degrees in Melbourne overnight. This is a harsh contrast for Melbourne, as the temperature peaked at 42.8 degrees just weeks ago.

Minimum temperatures are expected to drop as the nation approaches winter, but the bureau is expecting that the 2019 season will be warmer than average.