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Tue, 21 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Good news for drought-stricken farmers: Extreme rain about to hit

Good news for drought-stricken farmers: Extreme rain about to hit

A burst of rain is set to drench the east coast of Australia, bringing a month’s worth of rain in just two days.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the rain will hit New South Wales on Friday as the system makes its way across Australia, with drought-stricken farmers in NSW having a 90 per cent chance of receiving rain.

The system, which progressed across southern parts of WA, is forecast to hit South Australia before turning across to NSW and Queensland.

Sydney is expected to have a much-needed 50mm of rainfall across the weekend.  

Sydney has received only 1.4mm of rain in the month of August so far, with the average rainfall for this time of year being around 55mm.

Tamworth and surrounding areas will have between a 75 and 90 per cent chance of rain, with 80mm of rain expected to fall in northern New South Wales.

Brisbane is forecast to receive 40mm of rain and 65mm on the Gold Coast.  

The burst of rain is also expected to hit Tasmania and southern parts of Victoria, but it is likely Melbourne will miss most of the showers.

Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe told the system will lead to a “big area of rain”.

“A front is progressing across southern parts of WA and then as that moves into South Australia, a low pressure system developing will move up and into inland areas,” he said.

“Moving with it is a fair but of upper cold air that will lead to thunderstorms.”

The rain is expected to increase once the system makes it way to the east coast.

“As we move into Friday, this system will run into moisture in the east so rain will develop along the coast and Tablelands.”

The area of rain could stretch from the Victorian border, up the entirety of the NSW coast and finally easing north of Brisbane around Rockhampton.

“There will big areas of rain right across eastern and central parts of NSW, southern parts of Queensland. Into Monday, that will still bring rain into Gippsland and eastern Tasmania.”

Before the rains hit, the south east coast of Australia will battle through a chilly week.