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Tue, 1 Jan, 2019Basmah Qazi

Get set for another 40-degree scorcher this week

Get set for another 40-degree scorcher this week

Temperatures are set to soar on Friday as Victoria is expected to hit over 40 degrees.

With much of the state starting 2019 off with grey skies, Melbourne is expected to see the mercury rise on Thursday to 28 degrees before jumping to 42 degrees on Friday.

Speaking to The Age, senior forecaster Rod Dickson said the cause for the extreme weather is the north-westerly winds which was dragging heat from inland.

“The maximum temperature depends on the time of the cool southerly change,” said Mr Dickson.

And it isn’t only Melbourne that will be affected, as Geelong is expected to reach 43 degrees and northern areas are set to face 46 degrees.

But the intense heat won’t last too long as the weather is expected to cool down by late afternoon on Friday.

A spokesperson for the CFA said the cool wind change can cause issues for firefighters if they are trying to contain a blaze.

“The cool changes could make things very problematic,” said the spokesperson.

“Severe fire conditions mean a total fire ban is likely – so unfortunately no bonfires at your family barbecue or friendly get-together.”

It is advised for people to remain indoors and stay hydrated as temperatures are set to rise throughout the day.

Victoria is expected to face a hotter than average summer this year throughout January and February due to the El Nino weather pattern.

But despite the heat, those living in Victoria can still get a good a night’s sleep on Thursday and Friday as overnight temperatures are forecasted to be 23 and 17 degrees.