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Extreme weather just in time for Christmas: "Triple threat" of wild storms coming

Extreme weather just in time for Christmas: "Triple threat" of wild storms coming

Since summer began, Australia has been experiencing unusual weather conditions.

On the weekend, tens of thousands of homes in New South Wales experienced blackouts after a series of powerful storms ripped through costal urban areas in the state.

Now, forecasters are saying that the wild weather isn’t over yet, with the possibility of showers and storms from midweek onwards.

The storms are expected to hit north east NSW and south east Queensland, including Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

“There’s enough instability and windshear that we could see severe storms; it’s the triple threat again of damaging winds, hail and flash flooding,” Sky News Weather channel meteorologist Mr Saunders said.

“Tuesday should be a quieter day in terms of storms. That starts to change on Wednesday onwards with another trough moving in from the west that will act as a trigger for further showers and thunderstorms.”

On Wednesday afternoon, central and northern NSW are expected to be hit with showers, as well as parts of Victoria and Tasmania.

“On Thursday we’ll have storms again through eastern NSW and towards the end of the week that threats moves back up towards south east Queensland,” he said.

Despite the downpour, the rainfall totals in the south east are likely to be less than in recent weeks as the storms are isolated.

“There will be average falls of about 20mm on the east coast but if you get a couple of goods storms it could easily reach 50mm,” Mr Saunders said.

Today, Sydney will reach a high of 26C, with the rain getting heavier towards the end of the week. On Christmas Day, Sydney will be mostly sunny with a high of 28C.

Canberra will experience showers toward the end of the week but today, it will be mostly sunny with a high of 30C. On Christmas Day, Canberra will be mostly sunny with a high of 32C.

Perth and Darwin will face the heat this week with temperatures averaging in the 30s. On Christmas Day, Perth will receive plenty of sun with a high of 33C and Darwin will be hit with some rain and a thunderstorm with a high of 32C.

Melbourne will be mild today and then rain could develop from Wednesday. On Christmas Day, Melbourne will be mostly sunny with a high of 28C.

Today, Adelaide will be dry and warm with high of 30C, but will see temperatures dip into the 20s as the week goes on. On Christmas Day, Adelaide will receive plenty of sun with a high of 31C.

Hobart can expect to experience the possibility of downpour every day. On Christmas Day, Hobart will be partly cloudy with a high of 22C.

Brisbane could possibly see showers this morning, with temperatures rising in the afternoon to a maximum of 29C. On Christmas Day, Brisbane will have partial sunshine with a high of 28C.

Currently, there is no imminent threat of flooding in Townsville as ex-tropical Cyclone Owen is sitting off the coast.

“Owen has stalled, this is the tropical cyclone that will not leave Australia alone and it’s forecast to drift back north again, and as a result the heaviest falls will migrate back to northern parts of Queensland,” said Mr Saunders.