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Shannen Findlay

Aussies sleep through chilliest night in 20 years

 Aussies sleep through chilliest night in 20 years

Temperatures have plummeted over the weekend, as a cold snap flew in across the southeast of the country giving Aussies chilly weather, strong winds and the looming threat of flash flooding.

Although most of March gave surprising warmer weather in the wake of Autumn, Sydney residents received a frosty 13-degree wakeup call yesterday morning with it being the chilliest night in March in over 20 years.

Saturday night fell to 12.9 degrees in the city’s CBD, just a touch warmer than the temperature recorded at Sydney Airport.

Thredbo started receiving snowfall Saturday afternoon, where it dropped to -4.2 degrees that night, being one of the coldest places in the country and an 18-year low in March.

The temperature is expected to remain cool for the following week, although Sydney is predicted to be hit with the reminder of a summer's day by hitting a balmy 27 degrees on Thursday.

South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria were hit with the heaviest showers recorded in months, with 10-15cm of snow recorded on the peaks of the Tassie highlands.

Melbourne hit 15.6 degrees during the weekend, just narrowly missing the city’s coldest March day in 41 years at 15.3 degrees.

Mount Hotham and Falls Creek received snow during the weekend and -4-degree weather hitting in parts of the state’s Alpine region.

Hobart had its own run-in with torrential rain by receiving 129 millimetres falling over the course of the night, the fifth time the city has recorded more than 100 millimetres of rain since 1982.

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