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Mon, 18 Feb, 2019Joanita Wibowo

ALDI braces for shopping frenzy over new $49.99 item: "I need to get one of those"

ALDI braces for shopping frenzy over new $49.99 item: "I need to get one of those"

Shoppers are excited as ALDI is set to launch a coveted foldable five-seater at just $49.99.

The foldable sports seat, which sits 5 people, is part of ALDI’s Special Buys Soccer Training Essentials collection, which will be available in stores on Wednesday – and is also versatile for camping and picnics, even the beach. 

The connected foldable chairs can seat five adults or children and comes with a one-year warranty.

The new product has excited families and campers alike.

"Should get one of these so we can all sit next to each other next time we go camping," one Facebook user wrote.

"Need one of these for when we have the kids sports on, take a nap and cheer from sidelines,” said a fan.

An ALDI shopper said: "It's the love couch. But bigger. I need to get one of those."

"Wonder if I could get all my kids to sit that close to each other!" one mother jokingly wrote. 

While another commenter added: "This will solve a lot of problems with seating arrangements."

However, some pointed out that a similar seater is on sale at Bunnings for even less. According to Bunnings’ website, its 6-seat connecting camp chair is available in stores for just $25.

Another Special Buys item that customers are seeking to get their hands on are the $19.99 trolley bags, which consist of four linked shopping bags to be placed in the shopping cart.

"These are brilliant! I’ve been using mine for over two years now, and I’m always getting asked where I get them from," one shopper wrote on ALDI’s Facebook page.

"Love mine and take them everywhere as individual bags too!" another added. "They are great and less trips from the car."

Other soccer-related products on offer include a $79.99 gazebo, a $99.99 open goalpost, and a $29.99 St. John Ambulance sports first aid kit.

Will you be getting any of these Special Buys from ALDI? Let us know in the comments.