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3 destinations to visit in Australia during the low season

3 destinations to visit in Australia during the low season

It pays to know when your favourite holiday spots are in their low season or off-peak season as this means discounted accommodation.

This is usually the time that savvy travellers can snag decent deals on accommodation and flights as no one is travelling to that area.

Here are three destinations that are ideal to travel to in their off-peak seasons.

1. Canberra

As Australia’s largest inland city, the perfect time to visit is when it’s a bit chillier during the months of June and August.

The prices are at their lowest point during winter due to the cold weather, which means you can take advantage of the tourist attractions on offer.

Head to the National Gallery of Australia and check out the exhibits or go to the National Museum of Australia to discover 50,000 years of Australian history and culture. Seeing how Australia’s money is made can be a pretty interesting experience, so head to the Royal Australian Mint as it’s the sole producer of all of Australia’s coins in circulation.

If nature is more your thing, head off to the Australian National Botanic Gardens and see the diverse range of natural plants or head off to the National Zoo and Aquarium for a 25-acre zoo with animal encounters and zookeeper talks.

2. Perth

The best time to visit Perth is pretty much any time outside of school holidays.

Any time out of the school holiday season will mean lower accommodation prices as well as lower activity prices.

If you’re an Australian history buff, head to the Fremantle Prison which provides interactive cultural exhibits on convict life as well as tours.

Penguin Island is located on the edge of Rockingham and is known for the population of little penguins, which are the smallest penguin species in the world as well as pelicans.

Rottnest Island is also just offshore from the city of Perth and as a protected nature reserve, this means that the quokka has made its home there. A quokka is a small wallaby-like marsupial and as it has no natural predators on the island, is therefore not afraid of humans. This is a perfect opportunity for a “quokka selfie”.

3. Adelaide

The best time to visit Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city, is during early February or late March due to all the festivals that inhabit the capital city during mid-February and mid-March.

The ideal time to visit is in the colder periods of these months as you’ll ensure you benefit from lower prices on accommodation and activities.

Some things to do in Adelaide include heading to Mount Lofty to see the natural wonders that Adelaide has to offer as well as heading to the South Australian Museum as the five-floor building is devoted to natural history and exploring Aboriginal culture.