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8 things you need to know about nudist beaches

8 things you need to know about nudist beaches

It’s definitely not for everybody, but plenty of people enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with visiting a nudist beach. That being said, there are some pretty strict rules that come to etiquette. We’ve put together a guide to nudist beach etiquette. Follow this guide and you’ll never have to face a lifetime nudist beach ban (or indecent exposure charges).

1. Watch out for that cold water

This one’s mostly for the fellas, but just be mindful of the effect of cold water on your body. And ladies, be mindful of the fact that sometimes in nature there are things that happen that are entirely out of your partners control.

2. Watch the bend

Be mindful when you’re bending over to pick something up. Of course there are situations where this is completely unavoidable, but yeah, just try to use your best judgement when you're picking up your beach towel.

3. Keep your eyes to yourself

We’ve seen it all before so it goes without saying if you spend too much time looking at other people’s privates you’re not going to make a lot of friends at a nudist beach.

4. Leave your camera at home

It goes without saying if you take your Kodak to the nudist beach people are going to think you’re going for all the right reasons. Save yourself the hassle and just leave it at home.

5. Take something to do

When you're visiting a nudist beach (particularly if you're going alone) it's important to have something to keep yourself busy, so make sure you bring a book or newspaper to read. Otherwise let's face it - you're pretty much just standing there naked. 

6. Liberally apply sunscreen everywhere

And we mean everywhere, particularly the areas of your body that don’t get a lot of exposure to the sun normally. At the best of times sunburn is not a fun experience, particularly when you're burned an area that doesn't normally see the light of day. 

7. Make sure it’s actually a nudist beach

This one is possible the most self-explanatory (and important) rule. Pay attention to your surrounds. If everyone else around you is wearing clothes it might be a sign that you’re not on a nudist beach and about to end up on an episode of Bondi Rescue.

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