Top 5 ways to save space in a cruise cabin

Top 5 ways to save space in a cruise cabin

1. Store your luggage under your bed

Depending on your cruise line and the design of your room, this hack may or may not be a possibility. However, this tip can be helpful even if you put your luggage in a wardrobe compartment. Remember, using any dead space to hide away the unnecessary items while you’re holidaying are essential to maximise your space and get the most out of your cabin.

2. Rearrange furniture

You may be worried you’re not allowed to do this but rest assured, if it is able to be lifted from its place then you should be fine to do a little room re-designing as long as there is no furniture blocking exit and entry doors.

3. Use a door shoe organiser

You may not bring many pairs of shoes but it’s a necessary accessory for a cruise cabin as it opens space up that you might not have thought of. It can be used for more than just shoes and instead be a place to unpack toiletries, sunscreen, perfume and cologne, deodorant and much more.

4. Pack away your laundry

Take a few minutes every night to pack away dirty laundry. If you’re not willing to spend a small fortune to wash your clothes on the cruise ship, then it’s a good option to bring plastic bags or even a separate bag for dirty beach towels, undergarments and wet swimmers.

5. Pack smarter not more

It’s the most obvious hack to save room in your stateroom, but it is crucial. Although overpacking is a habit you may possess, it is important to reevaluate how many socks you actually need, or if those extra four pairs of shoes on top of your other two pairs are really necessary.