Shannen Findlay


The secret “kit” cruise ship employees bring to every job

The secret “kit” cruise ship employees bring to every job

Cruise ship employees have revealed their own “life saving” kits to deal with the pressures and demands of staff life. 

One former worker, Joshua Kinder opened up about life onboard a cruise after more than five years of employment. 

Working as a drummer, Kinder revealed there is a “kit” to brighten their day or make it just a bit better. 

“With us we would bring the lifesaving first-aid kit that every forlorn crew member aboard a ship of darkness needs,” he wrote in his book Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Worker. 

“A red satchel filled with positive attitudes and optimistic outlooks, a sturdy hand powered bilge pump, a couple of gas masks hooked up to oxygen tanks, diving gear in case we found ourselves with unexpected reef in our crew quarters, a lifetime supply of coconut and pineapple scented air fresheners to mask the smell of our cabin.

"A warm wool blanket for when the ship thermostat gets stuck on the setting labelled ‘ice cream freezer’.”’

The former employee also added: “A thin sheet for when said air conditioning breaks down, horse tranquilisers to be used when the ship is placed in Red Alert, the obligatory bottle of haberno hot sauce to mask the otherwise unpalatable foods served in the crew mess.”

Joshua then humorously wrote every employee would need a life raft in case they need to jump ship. 

Despite there being a few “essentials” you could probably skip out on, there are some that are absolutely crucial to get through ship life.