Fri, 15 Feb, 2019Shannen Findlay

The cat that gets to travel the seven seas

One thing many people can agree on when going overseas is you miss your beloved pets at home. However, for this cruise ship captain, she’s lucky enough to be able to bring her cat with her on every voyage out to sea.

Kate McCue, Celebrity Cruises' Captain, has been travelling with her Elf Sphynx cat, Bug Naked, for over two years – and he's seeing the world through his own eyes.

Bug Naked has also proven to be popular, amassing over 18,000 Instagram followers.

The gorgeous Sphynx has travelled far and wide and although it  might seem strange to some, for 41-year-old Kate this is her reality for months at a time.

Easy-going and glamorous, the cruise captain is continuing to defy the standards for cruise captains. She is an advocate for getting to know each crew member – and does this by going out of her way to public areas to socialise.

“People want to talk to you and I’ve found that if I go to a captain’s dinner, I spend three hours with eight people which still leaves 2,900 people to [talk to],” she told the Telegraph.

The captain has pioneered her own style of captaining for over 13 years of working on cruise ships with her sweet cat constantly by her side.  

Scroll through the gallery above to see Bug Naked’s travelling adventures! 

All images: Instagram @captainkatemccue @bugnaked