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Heartbreaking news for Hawaii’s Waikiki beach

Heartbreaking news for Hawaii’s Waikiki beach

Recent climate reports predict that one of Hawaii’s most famous beaches - Waikiki - is at risk of being underwater within the next 15-20 years due to rising sea levels. 

The 2017 Hawaii Climate Commission noted that data shows “Honolulu is expected to begin seeing regular flooding of the urban core in as little as 15 years."

This detrimental loss can mean $2 billion decline in annual revenue and if hurricanes hit the beloved island then damage could be in the tens of billions. 

The state’s Senate and House of Representatives are hoping to pass a measure that will create a “climate protection pilot project” for the mesmerising Honolulu shoreline that is desperately in danger. 

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The project, ‘HB 1478’  would address the threat of "sea level rise, floodwater, storms, and other impacts of a rapidly changing climate."

The bill will also aim to begin research into creating a carbon tax. 

While the beautiful island is under threat and is extremely vulnerable to the rising sea levels, stronger storm surges and higher tides - lawmakers are pushing for change and taking action. 

Rep. Chris Lee, Democratic legislator said he and other colleagues are teaching other state leaders about Hawaii’s issues and are helping to create policies to resist the negative impacts the country are facing. 

"We've worked with a dozen states going down this pathway," he said.