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Forget mega-ships: Why small ship cruising offers big benefits

Forget mega-ships: Why small ship cruising offers big benefits

It’s no secret that cruises are an incredibly popular form of travel. With luxury accommodation provided as you travel the seven seas, there is a special appeal of discovering different parts of the world as you enjoy the serene atmosphere of the ocean.

But with so many categories and ships to choose from, how can you possibly decide which one to opt for? Big cruise ships may offer a resort-style vibe with plenty of dining and entertainment options to choose from, but what if you prefer something more intimate?

In comes small ship cruises, the perfect option for those who prefer a far more personal experience without the hustle and bustle. While mega ships may accommodate close to 3500-5400 passengers, some small ships only carry up to 930 guests or less.

And while small cruises have no casinos or discos in sight, there are also no crowds and never-ending queues. But don’t let the size fool you, as small ships still provide a luxurious experience and allow travellers to immerse themselves in their chosen destinations without any distractions.

A small ship cruise could range from an ocean cruise to Scandinavia or even the Mediterranean seas. And if you’re stuck on choosing the right cruise line, then make this the perfect opportunity to choose Viking Cruises. With 21 years of cruising experience under its belt, there is no other line that will provide you with the state-of-the-art facilities and experiences that Viking can.

Here are four reasons you need to book an ocean cruise trip for your next holiday:

1. Amazing itineraries

This is where size is important, because thanks to the small nature of ocean cruises, they can easily access ports that larger ships cannot. One of the many advantages of small ships is that they are able to reach secluded harbours that are free from crowds, meaning not only are you away from hoards of tourists, but you’re offered a more authentic insight into the location you’re visiting.

Not only are you able to learn about the culture and speak to the locals residing in the area, but you will be within walking distance of many of the sights you came to see.

And due to ocean cruises carrying less passengers, that also means shorter lines and wait times as the more passengers, the longer the queue. Instead, that extra time is added onto your shore excursion where you’re guaranteed an exclusive look at some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Viking Cruises offers a range of itineraries to suit your needs. Travellers can choose to submerse themselves into the culture of Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Asia, Alaska and so many more.

2. Personalised service

It’s rare to find service that is catered to you, and if you choose to travel on a mega-ship, that level of attentiveness is almost impossible. Due to ocean cruises carrying close to 930 people as opposed to thousands on big ships, staff are able to dedicate their time to each passenger accordingly. Small details such as how you take your morning coffee or your preferences when it comes to drinks, or even knowing your name, makes the biggest difference when getting ready for a voyage through the world.

But that’s not all, crew members aboard ocean cruises often carry a wealth of knowledge and experiences, and they are more than happy to share their stories with you for a truly enriching conversation.

3. Authentic and delicious cuisines

Let’s face it, the best part about travelling is letting your tastebuds experience the delicious flavours of the world. Food is the driving force that brings people together, regardless of language and culture differences, when there’s a good dinner spread, everyone becomes one.

Which is why, making sure there’s appealing food options for your trip is important, and ocean cruises will provide you with exactly that. Viking Cruises has a range of fine dining restaurants to choose from, meaning the fun doesn’t end on shore, as you’re provided with some of the best tasting dishes right on board.

Offering the most al fresco dining at sea, Viking offers a choice of eight dining venues, with no additional charges for specialty dining. Despite the small nature of an ocean cruise, a large amount of care is taken when preparing meals and serving it to guests, as attention to detail matters, resulting in some of the most sensational tasting food you have ever had the pleasure of trying.

4. Expert insight into the places you visit

Travelling is the most affective form of education, and despite conducting your own research before you visit your dream destination, it’s always nice to have an expert give you an insight into things you may not know.

Nothing compares to taking part in a guided tour, explaining the history and showing you the hidden gems that the country has to offer. Or perhaps a guest lecturer, who shares with you their wealth of knowledge as you take in the ocean views. Your classroom is the sea and as you enjoy your relaxing holiday, you’re also taking in valuable information, making it a truly enriching experience.

So now that you’re buzzing to get on board and travel on an ocean cruise, check out Viking Cruises. Just like the original Vikings, the cruise line is the pioneer of exploration, and will provide you with a truly immersive experience wherever you choose to go.

Whether you enjoy Scandinavia and Northern Europe, or you prefer the diversity of Asia, Viking Cruises will gift you with a trip to remember.

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