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Fans rejoice: There's going to be a Golden Girls cruise!

Fans rejoice: There's going to be a Golden Girls cruise!

Fans of the show Golden Girls will be thrilled to hear that there’s a cruise available specifically for fans.

The Golden Girls at Sea aims to capture a Florida retiree lifestyle that the girls would be proud of, and there’s a lot on offer.

With a Caftan Sail Away Party (with cheesecake), as well as Golden Girls trivia and Dorothy’s Bingo on offer, there’s plenty around to ensure that you’re entertained and making Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia proud.

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The ocean adventure is being touted as a “once in a lifetime gathering” of Golden Girls fans.

The cruise will take you from Miami, Florida, which is the home of the Golden Girls, and visit Key West and Cozumel in the Caribbean.

There’s also a Golden Girls costume contest and a fancy dinner, so don’t forget to pack your best Golden Girls outfits!

The cruise departs from Florida on February 2020, so there’s plenty of time to save up and plan for it.

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