Did you know this bad cruise habit could get you into trouble?

Did you know this bad cruise habit could get you into trouble?

Cruise ships are a haven away from home and a place to put your feet up, relax and enjoy your time on the high seas. 

However, there are always rule everywhere we go - and a cruise getaway is no different. 

There is one rule cruise ship passengers are expected to follow or else they face the risk of getting into big trouble. 

Supercruisers said sun lounge “hogging” is no longer acceptable on cruise ships and could get travellers into a bit of trouble if they are spotted making that mistake. 

One expert told express.co.uk passengers have a number of activities to enjoy while onboard so it can come off as extremely selfish to hog beach chairs when there's already a limited number. 

“If you’re looking to begin your days on the ship relaxing by one of the onboard pools, you’ll be looking to reserve a sun lounger – often a topic of contention on many holidays, both onboard and on land.

“To stop guests unfairly chair hogging, a term that has been coined for the act of reserving prime spots by the pool with towels and other belongings while the chairs remain empty for hours, Carnival Cruises has implemented a strict policy.

“The rules that are enforced by shipboard team members, state that if belongings are left unattended for longer than around half an hour to reserve chairs, the items shall be removed.”

Carnival cruises implemented the new ryle as a way to stamp out selfish hogging.