Cruise insider reveals “little known secret” to save money

Cruise insider reveals “little known secret” to save money

Cruise deals and secrets can be difficult to find, but one cruise insider has revealed the best way to save money onboard the ship. 

Getting a good deal on a cruise habit doesn’t have to be tough, according to this expert who recommends to cruise passengers to avoid buying drink packages on the first day of the holiday. 

“Anytime you buy a beverage package, you have to purchase it for the remaining days of your cruise,” the blogger wrote. 

“So if you buy a beverage package on day one, you’re paying for the package for seven days. This goes for the entire spectrum of beverage packages.

“However, a little known secret is that beverage packages are available anytime during your cruise.”

Staff on cruise ships are obliged to encourage passengers to to buy packages, however, holiday-makers needn’t feel pressured to buy.

The insider also advises cruisers: “While you’ll have staff asking you (often) if you want to buy a beverage package on day one (and even on day two), you do not have to buy them right away!

“My husband and I always buy our drinks a la cart on the first two days. This lets us see how much the various drinks cost, how many we’re consuming on a daily basis, and estimate how much it would cost us to for the rest of the trip.

“I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to say no to the super-nice and super-convincing staff when they walk by.

“Mr. Crumbs and I spent a good bit of time going back and forth on whether or not it would be worth it for us! But once we did the math, it was easy to say no. We just don’t drink enough to make any beverage package worth it for us.”