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What’s it like to cruise around New Zealand?

What’s it like to cruise around New Zealand?

What is it like to cruise around New Zealand? This video shows you.

Princess Cruises has marked the launch of its latest cruise program by releasing a video capturing a ship's-eye view of one of its cruises around New Zealand.

The time-lapse follows the Golden Princess on a 13-night voyage, visiting Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne and Wellington on the North Island and Akaroa and Dunedin in the south.

It also captures the experience of sailing through misty, mysterious sounds in Fiordland.

"Cruising really is the best way to see a country like New Zealand," said Princess Cruises Vice President Australia and New Zealand Stuart Allison. "Our guests love the experience, so we decided to share it with others."

The video was produced by co-founder Filippo Rivetti, who set up five cameras onboard Golden Princess, including one with a 360-degree lens.

"I always had at least two cameras going at any moment, and up to four at the same time for the most important moments like in Fiordland National Park," Filippo said.

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The cruise was Filippo's first but he says it won't be his last. "I love the sea and it's just fantastic to see New Zealand's coastline from a cruise ship: you wake up every day at sunrise arriving at a new port and new experiences await.

"And you can't beat cruising through a majestic fiord like Milford Sound - that experience will always remain with me."

Filippo said he loved all the ports of call but would nominate Dunedin as his favourite. 

"It's a fantastic town with a historic train station, some beautiful churches, a small castle and amazing views that just have New Zealand written all over them."

The 108,000 tonne, 290 metre-long Golden Princess carries 2600 guests and has four swimming pools, a spa, a nightclub and a poolside screen.

What do you think of that video? Have you ever cruised through New Zealand and if so, how did you find the experience? Let us know in the comments!

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