Shannen Findlay


9 travel tips: How to stay safe on a cruise

9 travel tips: How to stay safe on a cruise

Cruises can be such a fun way to relax, destress and enjoy a holiday, however, just because you feel safer on a cruise rather than other types of travel available to you – it does not mean you cannot risk being wary.

Follow these top 9 tips to ensure you stay safe on your next cruising holiday.

1. It is necessary to take a few extra precautions, so nothing interferes with your awesome holiday and your good experience.

2. Use your safe in your cabin to store any valuables.

3. Keep a paper copy of your passport photo and prescriptions at all times.

4. Always comply with laws in foreign countries.

5. Be vigilant about your whereabouts.

6. Don’t drink too much alcohol to the point where you are no longer able to get yourself back to your cabin.

7. Always lock your cabin doors.

8. Consult your doctor before your trip if you have medical issues.

9.Check with your travel insurance company to ensure you are covered if you get sick or injured while holidaying in another country.