Shannen Findlay


8 do’s and don’ts for a successful cruise

8 do’s and don’ts for a successful cruise

Here are a few cruise tips to help your trip sail as smoothly as possible.

1. Join in on everything

Take advantage of all the free activities available to you – they are options that may not be available again without a hefty price tag. You also don’t realise how many friends you can make and all the people you can meet if you put in a little effort to join in on events offered to you while cruising.

2. Don’t forget important documents

Believe it or not, cruising takes passports, visas and travel insurance extremely seriously. Do not skip out on doing a double or triple check through your bags to see if your important documents are there. You will most likely not be able to jump onboard without them, which means a lot of money wasted for you.

3. Anytime dining option is better

Depending on what type of experience you are looking for while on a cruise, anytime dining could be the superior option for you. Unfortunately, long lines are a guarantee when going to dinner each night aboard your cruise, however anytime dining gives a traveller the option to return later in the evening, or earlier. Whenever you get a little peckish and hope to join the line for dinner, the anytime dining option will rescue you.

If you are a stickler for routine, stick to the reservation option available to you.

4. Do your research

Don’t pick the first cruise you see – look around. If you are willing to sit on it, do so but make sure you subscribe to mailing lists, so cruise lines know you are interested. More often than not, incredible deals are on offer all from the comfort of your inbox.

5. If you bring kids – don’t be that person

Taking your family on a trip with you may seem like the dream situation if it’s a cruise – afterall, there are so many babysitting and daycare options available as well as other young adults and children looking to make friends aboard.

However, do not be that parent, grandparent or family member who allows children to run wild – it is annoying and frustrating to have anyone ruin your peaceful experience. Take them to a kids club where they can find other wild friends to have fun with, under supervision.

6. Take the stairs – you will need it

It is a simple way to get exercise, and you may need it after all the buffet meals you will be feasting on while cruising.

7. Learn some of the local language

Learning a few phrases and sentences can be helpful to locals you are visiting while on their island. It makes life easier for you also.

8. Don’t be rude to the cruise ship photographer

It can get a little annoying after a while when it seems like you are being hounded by staff photographers, but remember they are only doing their job.

A polite no will always suffice; however you should say yes and decide whether or not you want to purchase the image later as they are usually on display for you to check out. They are a little pricey in the end, but at least you know the memories can always be there in front of your eyes.