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5 things to consider when booking a cruise room

5 things to consider when booking a cruise room

1. Prioritise your wants

Cruising is such a popular form of travel that companies are increasingly looking for ways to ensure every passenger has their wants and needs fulfilled. It is important to think about what you really want on a cruise – private time alone, or perhaps a room close to elevators so you can make a quick dash to the buffet each morning.

Maybe you like a lot of room for all your bags, or a couch or two to sit back and relax. It is also important to ask yourself how much time you will spend in your cabin? You may not need a balcony because you don’t plan on spending longer than necessary in your state room – or maybe you want to take long naps during the day while you listen to the ocean water from your bed.

Either way, it is very important to think about exactly what you want before making a booking.

2. Cost

Money plays a big role in deciding what cruise room you may choose, but with cruising – it really doesn’t have to be.

The best part about cruising in general is that although cost should be a factor, there are so many deals, bargains, quick price surges and drops, and perks that are on offer when you want to book a cruise.


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3. Noise control

If you’re a light sleeper, you might be better off opting for a room on a lower deck – the higher you go, the more susceptible you are to sounds and movements.

Ironically, despite the premium cabins paying more for the perks, they are usually right underneath the loud attractions like laundries, theatres, bars, pool decks and discos.

4. Cabin views

If you want amazing scenery all the time, then a cabin with a view might be the option for you.

5. Sea sickness

If you’re prone to seasickness, opt for a room closer to the middle of the ship as less movement happens midship. Also play it safe by avoiding higher up decks as they will feel the rock and roll of the ship the most.