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4 most common cruise questions – answered

4 most common cruise questions – answered

1. Are all cruise ships the same?

Cruise ships are each built incredibly differently, and believe it or not, one is not like the other. Cruise ships have a myriad of variations: Big ships, small ships, luxury ships, family ships and so forth.

It is important to research what sort of cruise will best suit you.

2. Are cruise ships all-inclusive?

While cruises may seem all-inclusive, they are not. Depending on your cruise, you may be required to pay for alcohol, soft drinks, or even a cup of coffee. The same line can offer you free soft drinks and amenities, if you got a good deal.

3. Will I get sick?

You may be aware that cruise air is not the cleanest (depending on where you are on a cruise ship) but diseases like the norovirus (a stomach bug that can spread easily if you’re not washing your hands properly or practicing proper hygiene) are a little harder to get than you may think.

Stay healthy by washing your hands often and use the hand santisiation systems that are usually on every deck with multiple locations.

Sea sickness can be treated with a trip to your local GP. If you know you are prone to sickness easily, ask for a prescription. If you prefer to buy some on board, you can do so but be aware it might be a little pricier.

4. Is cruising safe?

Ships have a number of rules and regulations that not only staff must follow, but passengers as well. The reason why you shouldn’t be too worried about safety concerns, keep in mind being onboard a vessel is like a floating mini city. Protect your personal and valuable items by not leaving them lying around, and placing them in your cabin safe.