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P&O’s first cruise around New Zealand

P&O’s first cruise around New Zealand

P&O's first ever cruise around New Zealand left Auckland on a trip the company says will pump millions of dollars into the country's regional economies.

The P&O Pacific Pearl left on its 10-day voyage after stocking up on tonnes of groceries and supplies.

This is the cruise line's first circumnavigation of New Zealand, visiting Napier, Wellington, Christchurch (Akaroa), and Picton, as well as making its maiden call to Stewart Island.

Overall, the cruise is expected to pump $3 million into the New Zealand economy. In total, Pacific Pearl will visit 11 different New Zealand ports during the cruise ship season, which will feature 20 cruises to New Zealand and South Pacific destinations.

P&O said the cruise programme will create more opportunities for New Zealand food and beverage suppliers who cater for cruises departing from Auckland.

Every turnaround cruise ship visit is estimated to be worth about $1 million to the New Zealand economy, from passenger accommodation, dining, transport and shopping as well as crew expenditure, supplies and port charges.

P&O Cruises President Sture Myrmell said the circumnavigation was a great way for New Zealanders to explore their backyard, while generating significant returns for the economy.

"Not only will guests and crew be busy spending money in each port, P&O is buying fresh produce from local suppliers throughout Pacific Pearl's New Zealand season, injecting more money into the local community," Myrmell said.

"Each cruise requires significant quantities of food - for example on a 10-day cruise for guests and crew the ship will take on about 300kg of fresh local fish, 3000 dozen eggs, and around 30,000kg of fruits and vegetables."

The ship's larder for 10 days also runs to 500kg of lamb, 5300kg of potatoes, 1400kg of tomatoes, 1200ltr of wine and 4000ltr of beer.

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