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10 things you must never do in a cruise cabin

10 things you must never do in a cruise cabin

While your cruise ship cabin is in many ways your own personal haven at seas that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do anything that comes to mind at sea. 

Here are 10 things to never do in your cruise suite. Taking a little time to be mindful of fellow passengers ensures you will never have to walk the plank!

  1. Smoking – Unless you want to activate the smoke alarm, you’ll need to head to the upper deck to get your nicotine fix. Most lines have banned smoking in cabins.
  2. Light a candle – Anything that involves heat on a cruise is generally considered a no-no, so you won’t be able to light your favourite incense in you cabin.
  3. Hang items up to dry on the balcony – Oh, it’s so tempting to dry wet clothes on the balcony but as the ship sets sail there’s every chance your clothes could as well.
  4. Steal bathrobes or towels – They might be plentiful in supply, but they’re certainly not ripe for the picking. You may be charged for any missing items in your room.
  5. Make a mess – While you’re on vacation cleaning up after yourself might be the last thing you’re thinking about, but staying clean can help maximise walking space.
  6. Have a loud argument – You shouldn’t be arguing on holidays anyway, but cruise ship walls are notoriously thin and having an argument can disturb your neighbours.
  7. Run around naked – While it may feel as though you’re in a private situation, it’s important to be mindful of your neighbours and take measures to be private.
  8. Leave your balcony door open – While the sounds of the sea might seem like a blissful way to lull yourself to sleep, it leaves you exposed to a change in the weather.
  9. Excessively spray perfume – Keep in mind your restricted space, and be conservative with your perfume to ensure you don’t send your cabin mate to the hallway for air.
  10. Tape something to the wall or door – Tapes can sometimes leave marks or peel off pain, so it’s important that you be respectful of the interior décor of the cabin.
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