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8 ways to WOW Airbnb guests

8 ways to WOW Airbnb guests

Airbnb gives you the opportunity to stay in amazing places, like this charming Italian holiday cottage or this enchanting rainforest treehouse in Costa Rica.

But that’s just half of the story.

Becoming an Airbnb host is also a rewarding experience, and not just an opportunity to make a bit of extra cash. Hosting Airbnb guests at your place gives you the rare chance to connect with new and interesting people from all around the world.

We’ve put together some tips for impressing your Airbnb guests.

Also, check out the video above from Airbnb Head of Hospitality and Global Strategy Chip Conley, who provides more insight into what Airbnb hosts can do to really WOW guests. 

1. Welcome basket – Providing your guests with a basket filled with coffee, tea and snacks gives your listing a professional touch and provides the perfect welcome.

2. Local gift – This sometimes tiny gesture can make a big difference and gives them a readymade, beautiful souvenir to remember their stay at your place.

3. Local map – While people can generally get around well enough with their smartphones, there’s nothing like a proper map with key attractions highlighted.

4. Comfortable bedding – This one seems simple, but something as easy as providing your guests with comfortable, clean bedding is a real difference maker.

5. Be available and responsive – They’re adults so you don’t need to be in their face 100 per cent of the time, but timely responses really go a long way.  

6. Stock up on household essentials – Ensuring you have an adequate supply of essential items like toilet paper, soap and cleaning supplies is also a must.

7. Local information – Many Airbnb hosts now provide folders full of local information including bus routes, key activities and recommended restaurants and cafes.  

8. Personalised notes – A lot of people opt for Airbnbs over hotels because of the unique experience they get through nice touches like personalised notes. 

Video credit: YouTube / Pearlshare

For more information on how to be an Airbnb host, click here.

Whether you want to make money by renting your place or to find affordable accommodation options and stretch your travel budget further, head over to Airbnb now and have a look around.

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