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See inside the Obama’s private residence of the White House

See inside the Obama’s private residence of the White House

The Obama family have shown off the inside of their apartment at the White House during Barack’s presidency to the world.

A new book is taking readers inside the Obama White House, along with personal photographs of the residence and all four family members showing off the beautiful home.

Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia go in-depth to the home which interior designer Michael S. Smith redesigned.

The family spent a total of $1.5 million of their own money on renovations and now they are letting the world see what the private sanctuary they created for themselves during Obama’s residency in a new volume called Designing History: The Extraordinary Art & Style of the Obama White House.

Among the rooms shown in the book includes the master bedroom that the President and the First Lady shared.

Large windows allowed for the couple to have plenty of natural sunlight during their eight years stay.

“It was personally very important to me to design a master bedroom that would be a true refuge for the president and first lady,” Smith - who co-authored the book with Margaret Russell - said.

Detailed photos showed the neutral color palette, with walls covered in an oatmeal-colored Chinese wallpaper.

The foreword, written by Michelle Obama reads that the new volume “shares one of the most comprehensive looks inside the White House in book publishing history”.

According to the press release, it explores how the White House reflected “the youthful spirit of the first family and their vision of a more progressive, inclusive American society.”

The gorgeous home that the family stayed in during Obama’s presidency is described as “both a historical document and a voyeur's delight.”

The excerpt went on to say that the home showcased “a specific moment in time for the White House, the Obamas, and the American experience.”

Also in the book, photos of the family’s personal sitting room was shown.

Not only was it where famous politicians and celebrities around the world would have been entertained, but it featured an artwork that was loaned from the National Gallery of Art.

“In an effort to lessen its formality, I covered the walls with a handwoven, spice-colored grass cloth that we had embroidered in a subtle arabesque pattern to add a layer of texture. The wallpaper’s dusky palette almost gave the effect of a paneled room,” Smith explained.

Scroll through the gallery to see the incredible home here.