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Royal residence! Rare look into Prince Charles’ and Duchess Camilla’s Clarence House

Royal residence! Rare look into Prince Charles’ and Duchess Camilla’s Clarence House

Google Arts & Culture have teamed up with the royal family to give onlookers a virtual tour of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’s highly publicised, but rarely seen Clarence House in London.

Royal life is often tightly guarded and kept between the select few. However, it has never been easier to see what it is like to live as a royal.

The virtual tour of Prince Charles’ Clarence House only lets onlookers see into the ground floor of the house, but even that is enough to showcase just how family-oriented this royal family is.

Littered among the walls and every sitting place is portraits of the Windsor family – from the Prince of Wales’ grandmother to his youngest son, Prince Harry.

It is a stunning property that the Queen herself is privileged enough to say she once called home – and judging by the grandeur styling and opulent decor, it is no wonder how the royal would have fit right in.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have called the Clarence House their own since 2003 and was originally built for the Duke of Clarence who would go on to become King William IV in 1827.

He and the Queen were not the only utmost senior royals to call the abode their own, as the Queen Mother once graced the halls of the four-story property between the years 1953 to 2002.

For a short time, Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh lived in the home after they were married in 1947.

The most mystifying feature of the entire property is the lavish, stunning gardens which is what guests will first see when they enter upon the grounds of Clarence House.

Prince Charles designed the gardens himself in 2005 in a bid to honour his grandmother, who he shared a very close relationship with while she was alive.

The entrance hall of the home has its own unique and unbelievable features as portraits of great royalty line the walls along with treasured relics.

Another intimate touch royal onlookers are given a rare insight to is the family photos on display in the Morning Room, where Prince Charles is said to entertain guests from all walks of life.

The gorgeous and unique residence who is called home by Prince Charles and his wife has remained a treasure to the royal family for generations and will continue to do so even when he moves on to become King and is passed on to another royal family member.

Scroll through the gallery to see Prince Charles’ Clarence House.

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