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Thu, 14 Jan, 2016

Why the Duchess gave a rare public curtsy to Queen

Why the Duchess gave a rare public curtsy to Queen

It’s not often the public see the Duchess of Cambridge curtsy to the Queen – and there is a reason for it.

Kate Middleton was photographed mid-curtsy when she saw Queen Elizabeth II at Sandringham House on Sunday.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, told People magazine, “It is rare, but it indicates that this was the first time that the Duchess saw the Queen.”

He added: “It would normally happen in private. Although they came from Sandringham House, they obviously hadn’t seen each other before Kate and the Middletons and their friends set out on foot.”

It is believed this this public moment was the first time Kate and husband Prince William saw each other on that day.

“It’s unusual to see it in public but not unique. That would have been the first communication between them on that day,” explains Little.

The common misconception is that women in the royal family must curtsy to each other, but Little says: "The only woman the women in the family curtsy to in the royal family is the Queen."

Normally, Kate’s curtsy would be performed in private. 


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