Melody Teh


Mon, 28 Nov, 2016

What C.C. Babcock from “The Nanny” looks like today

What C.C. Babcock from “The Nanny” looks like today

A classic sitcom of the 90s, The Nanny charmed families around the world. Tuning in in the millions every week, we’d eagerly follow the adventures and antics of cosmetics saleswoman turned nanny Fran Fine.

Who can forget Fran’s will-they-won’t-they relationship with Mr Sheffield or the dry humour of English butler Niles? We all remember the kids – Maggie, Brighton and Grace – but it was often CC Babcock, Mr Sheffield's business partner, that stole the show with her run-ins with Fran (and Niles)!

The show ended in 1999 which made us wonder what the actress Lauren Lane, who played C.C. Babcock, has been up to. She’s still looking fantastic, now aged 55. Here's what she looked like during the show and what she looks like today.


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