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"We’re living with divorced dad right now”: Michelle Obama’s verdict on Donald Trump's presidency

"We’re living with divorced dad right now”: Michelle Obama’s verdict on Donald Trump's presidency

Michelle Obama has let her frustration be known over the Donald Trump presidency, as the current US president works hard to eradicate all the hard work that was done by her husband, former US President Barack Obama.

Michelle was in London promoting her best-selling autobiography Becoming, when the host, US talk show host Stephen Colbert, asked how she felt about the Trump presidency.

Michelle Obama with Stephen Colbert in London

“We are a teenager, we’re changing all over the place and we come from a broken family,” Michelle explained.

“We’re a little unsettled and having good parents is tough. Sometimes you spend the weekends with divorced dad and that feels like it’s fun, but then you get sick.

“That’s what America’s going through. We’re kind of living with divorced dad right now.”

After making the joke about living with “divorced dad”, the former First Lady took aim at Trump himself.

“For anyone who had any problems with Barack Obama, let’s just think about what we were troubled by — there were never any indictments.”

Michelle also told a personal anecdote about the Queen, which she broke royal protocol with by putting her arm around her in 2009.

Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, Michelle Obama and Prince Philip

She told the story about how touched she had been by the Queen’s decision to wear a small pin badge that the presidential couple had given her as a gift and couldn’t contain her joy.

“I don’t know that I could have done anything differently because it was a natural human reaction.”

She’s also very fond of the Queen’s wit.

“That was my experience, that has been my experience: that kind of warmth and graciousness and intelligence and wit — I like her.”

Michelle’s book tour will take her all around Europe, with stops in Paris and Amsterdam.

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