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Wed, 13 May, 2015

97-year-old woman goes on her first ever school excursion

97-year-old woman goes on her first ever school excursion

Imagine being 97-year-old and going on your first school excursion. That’s what just happened for Vivian Bailey in Maryland, who recently accompanied a class of year four students on their trip to Washington, DC.

Ms Bailey grew up in Oklahoma in the 1920s, and attended a segregated school that did not allow her to go on school excursions. As she missed out on opportunities afforded to others in her early years, Bailey has spent over a decade of her life raising money for the students of Running Brook Elementary School in Columbia, Maryland – money used to send them on excursions.

The school refers to Ms Bailey as its “guardian angel”, and dedicated a bench in front of the school to her. After all her hard work, the school’s guardian angel finally got to go on an excursion, spending time with the children she loves.

Image credit: Fox

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