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Fri, 10 Apr, 2015

You won't believe these outrageous services hotels provide

You won't believe these outrageous services hotels provide

Does the humble hotel minibar bore you to tears? Are you sick of the hum-drum no-name cosmetics and shower caps you’re provided when you check in? Do you crave a little more luxury in your life? Well, look no further than some of these hotels, where standard amenities and services are old hat.

Lodge at Sea Island – USA

If you find yourself caught out at a last-minute formal occasion with no appropriate neckwear, just give The Lodge’s tie butler a call, and he’ll loan you something perfect from his selection of Peter Milla neckties. He’ll even give you a lesson on the correct way to tie the knot for when you want to go that extra mile.

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa – California

Have you always longed to drive a Porsche? If you said no, we’ll kindly thank you to not lie to us again. If you stay at the Rancho Valencia, you can borrow one of their on-site Porsches to tour southern California’s stunning beaches or nearby wine country. Just make sure you have the vehicle back the same day.

Ballyfin – Ireland

If you’re a fan or period dramas on screen, then a stay at the Ballyfin could be right up your alley. You’ll be sleeping in an aristocratic mansion on 600 acres of gorgeous Irish countryside, and you’ll be able to take your pick from 40 stunningly detailed period costumes to wear at dinner, or just on a stroll around the grounds.

Image credit: David Lansing

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