Mon, 23 Nov, 2020

Two children dead in horrifying car crash

Two children dead in horrifying car crash

Two children, aged five and 13, have been killed in a serious car crash in Queensland’s southeast when the vehicle plunged into a dam.

A six-month-old baby and a one-year-old toddler are in Queensland Children’s Hospital.

The toddler is in critical condition.

Two adults, a woman in her 30s and a man in his 20s who has leg injuries, have both been transported to Princess Alexandra Hospital by road.

Two adults and four children were in the Land Rover Discovery when the car ended up on the wrong side of the road and broke through a road barrier.

The vehicle then rolled down an embankment before flipping and ending up on its roof in the dam.

The vehicle then rolled down an embankment as it flipped over and ended up in a dam.

Police and emergency services have been at the scene of the crash which occurred at around 2 pm on Sunday.

Passers-by helped pull people out of the submerged car, including two off-duty doctors and a paramedic on a day off.

“It’s a tragic and confronting scene,” Queensland Police Inspector Douglas McDonald said.

“It’s absolutely tragic for the family.

“It was fantastic work to help rescue.

“Their actions were pivotal in making sure this wasn’t worse.”

Police are currently investigating what caused the crash.

The car is still submerged and police divers are attending to the scene.

“It’s relatively shallow. The vehicle is on its roof. The wheels can be seen above water,” he said.

“We expect to be here until this evening conducting investigations.”

Queensland Police have closed the road in both directions and are advising motorists to avoid the area.