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Fri, 10 Apr, 2015

A man is reunited with his time capsule 37 years later!

A man is reunited with his time capsule 37 years later!

Texas resident, Robert Wright, was a 12-year-old boy when he hid a time capsule in the walls of his childhood home in Fontana, California.

But now 37 years later, he has been reunited with a memento from the past that he all but forgot about.

PHOTO: Robert Wright, left at around age 12 and right in his 40s, left a time capsule behind in 1978 that has now been found.

Greg Sandoval, the latest home owner of the Fontana residence, stumbled upon the time capsule and reached out to a local news channel to find the owner. News of the time capsule travelled throughout the country until Wright caught wind of it. He instantly recognised his childhood items, and hopped on a plane with his father to visit his father.

So what was in Wright’s time capsule? A few coins, newspaper clippings to prove the date, a McDonald’s coupon (we wonder if it’s still valid today…) and a simple letter declaring his existence.

Image credits: Robert Wright 

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