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The secret signals Queen Elizabeth makes with her handbag

The secret signals Queen Elizabeth makes with her handbag

The Queen is rarely seen without her signature black handbag, and things were no different when she met with US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

The purse is the creation of London-based designer Launer and it’s reported that Her Majesty owns close to 200 of the same item.

The bag isn’t just a way to dress up her brightly coloured outfits, but also a way for the 93-year-old to send secret signals to her staff members during various meetings.

The Telegraph reported that if the monarch places her bag on the table during dinner, it’s her way of letting staff know that she is ready to leave within the next five minutes.

If her handbag is on the floor, she’s communicating that she’s in the middle of a very boring conversation, prompting her ladies-in-waiting to rescue her from the sticky situation.

But it isn’t just a resource used for clever communication, as the Queen does keep a series of “good luck charms” inside the bag.

Royal correspondent Phil Dampier told the publication that she carries family photographs and toy dogs and horses inside it.

According to Lady magazine, she also keeps her reading glasses, a foundation pen and mints on hand. Other items include a small mirror, lipstick and a £5 note to give to the church collection.

Guess the Queen is just like us after all!