Wed, 10 Oct, 2018Basmah Qazi

The fresh food people? Woolworths under fire after customers discover mouldy food

The fresh food people? Woolworths under fire after customers discover mouldy food

Supermarket chain Woolworths prides itself on being “The fresh food people” but frustrated customers are discovering they’re far from it.

After purchasing items such as garlic bread, wraps and salads, many shoppers found their food items to be covered in mould and fungus, despite being well within the expiry date.

Taking to social media, angry customers shared photos of the affected food and vented their frustration at the popular grocery store.

One photo posted by a consumer showed a pack of wraps with green mould covering the edges but was labelled with an expiry date of December 5.

“I don’t remember ordering mould with my wraps. And I’m pretty sure it’s October?!” said Facebook user Salyana McBurnie who posted the image to Woolworths' social media page.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Ms McBurnie said it was frustrating to purchase food only to throw it out immediately.

“I can get that there can be items that aren’t up to scratch but we pay top dollar for our food and I’d expect to not take mouldy food home,” she said.

Another shopper purchased a block of cheese, but upon opening the packet, she discovered the item was covered in fungus despite the use-by date being marked as April 2019.

Other incidents include a customer finding “white, fuzzy mould” in his salad that he purchased from Woolworths. And another who found both loaves of the garlic bread she bought were both mouldy.

“Woolworths the fresh food people. I had two packets, and both were the same,” the customer wrote alongside a photo of the mould-infested bread.

Daily Mail Australia reached out to a spokesperson from Woolworths who went on to say that they are investigating the matter and they take the quality of their food very seriously.