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The apple doesn’t fall from the tree! Israel Folau’s cousin loses job over religious comments

 The apple doesn’t fall from the tree! Israel Folau’s cousin loses job over religious comments

The cousin of rugby star Israel Folau has reportedly left his job at a Catholic school days after he was reportedly quoted speaking against the Catholic Church. 

Josiah Folau was an employee at St Gregory’s Catholic College in Campbelltown in South West Sydney and attends the same church as his elder cousin. 

The 20-year-old was recently quoted saying the Catholic Church was the “synagogue of Satan.”

Ben Fordham, 2GB radio show host, reported Folau’s religious beliefs was part of the reason he decided to part with St Gregory’s. 

“I’m told his employment came to an end,” Fordham said. 

Folau is a member of The Truth of Jesus Christ Church in Kenthurst in north west Sydney - the same as Israel. 

He is often seen translating his uncle’s Tongan preachings into English. 

His latest Instagram posts are similar to his famous rugby star cousin’s who posts religious remarks often. 

Recently he posted a graphic that read: “If it was a sin 100 years ago, it’s still a sin today. Don’t water down the gospel for this offended generation.”

Last month, Sydney Morning Herald reported Josiah saying: “Any devout Catholic person IS NOT A SAVED CHRISTIAN WHATSOEVER (his capitals). Look at Catholic doctrine, almost 100 per cent of it is false and is filled with lies.”

He was also reported to have said, “Roman Catholicism is masked devil worship” and the Catholic Church was the “synagogue of Satan.”

Fordham said Folau and St Gregory’s have made it unclear why they severed their relationship. 

“We don’t know if Josiah’s Instagram post or his comments on the Catholic Church are what led to employment coming to an end at St Gregory’s,” he said.

The Catholic school released a statement that has come from the headmaster Lee MacMaster. 

“We have met with Josiah recently and in our discussions, Josiah has made the decision to discontinue his casual employment at St Gregory’s College. We respect Josiah’s privacy in this matter,” Ms MacMaster said.