Tue, 17 Nov, 2020

Steve Price shares heartbreaking family update

Steve Price shares heartbreaking family update

Steve Price has given viewers a heartbreaking update on his family situation during Monday night’s episode of The Project.

The co-host admitted his elderly mother has “gone downhill” since news broke of a new coronavirus cluster in South Australia and he is worried it means she may spend Christmas alone.

Price has opened up about the sad situation before, telling viewers back in August he felt “gutted” with his mother living in South Australia, and due to Victoria’s strict lockdown, he was afraid he may “never physically see her again”.

Even though Victoria has emerged better on the other side, South Australia is facing a brand new outbreak and tough new restrictions and border closures.

“I’ve had to have a very difficult conversation again today,” a visibly sad Price told his Project co-hosts.

“Yesterday I gave my mother a date. I said, I will be there on the 10th of December in the car to pick you up after not seeing you since February. She’s 87, she can’t fly in a plane, she can’t drive herself. (And now) we may get shut out again.”

Host Carrie Bickmore quickly chimed in and encouraged Price not to give up hope, pointing out that full border closures may not be employed: "You might be alright, Pricey,” she told him.

Prince went on to reveal some more details of that his “difficult conversation” with his mother.

“She said this morning, ‘OK, I’m just going to have Christmas Day on my own. I won’t make the Christmas cake ‘cos there’ll be no-one here to eat it,’” he said.

“I’m not being overdramatic – I really felt this morning that she’d gone downhill badly because of this news. 

"And imagine how many other South Australians are in that boat tonight? It’s a bastard of a thing, this COVID.”

This new South Australian cluster comes as a number of people around Australia are preparing to visit family interstate for Christmas in less than six weeks’ time.

But yet again, Christmas plans have once again been thrown in limbo.

There are fears the nation will not succeed in Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s plan to have all states open to each other, not including WA.