Shopper's horrifying discovery in her Coles strawberry

Shopper's horrifying discovery in her Coles strawberry

A shopper has been left shocked after she found a maggot with a cluster of small eggs in her strawberry.

The woman from Menai in Sydney’s south west shared a video to Facebook showing her discovery after slicing open a strawberry she purchased from Coles. In the clip, a white maggot could be seen along with a collection of black tiny eggs.

She said she bought the Delightful Strawberries punnet on Tuesday, two days before cutting them up. “I purchased these two days ago, thank god I cut them. I was eating them whole yesterday. Thanks Coles,” she wrote in the post.

While some shoppers expressed their disgust at the woman’s finding, others said it was an indicator that the fruits had not been treated with “bucketloads of pesticides”.

One wrote: “We don’t live in a perfect world, people need to remember that. There will always be impurities in some aspects of our living and it sure as hell wont kill you.”

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that the supermarket was “investigating” the case.

“Food quality and safety is paramount at Coles. We have been in contact with the customer and are currently investigating the matter.”